If you have a serious interest in following news and politics, both domestic and international, then you have likely encountered the phrase, “The New World Order“.  Common in the alternative media and among so called “conspiracy theorists”, the phrase is penetrating more and more into the mainstream consciousness.  It has by now come to refer to both a coherent body of people as well as the specific agenda or goals and desires of this body of people.  The exact characterization of this group and their desires constitutes a vital part of the worldview of an increasing number of people on this planet.  As the words imply, the implications of this New World Order are global in scope and all humanity has an interest in knowing something about it.

What is this New World Order and what are the driving forces involved in it?  Answering that question is the fundamental premise of this website.  To that end, we will have recourse to examine as many aspects of our life, society and history as we can possibly undertake, as coming to grips with this question relates to nearly all aspects of life when we take it up earnestly.  Pregnant in this colloquialism of conspiracy researchers are questions relating to the vital struggles of our time.  After all, all peoples live in a particular point in history.

In addition to being the principle outlet for my own research, analysis and opinions relating to the various themes of this subject, CrackingtheNWO is a regularly updated news aggregator collecting various noteworthy headlines that I come across in my own news feeds.  God willing, it is my intention that this site may become a useful and effective hub for quality information and intelligent dialogue relating to all the various aspects of this subject.  Welcome.  I hope you enjoy exploring this site.

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